Next Event - April 10th

Silverdale Hotel - 7.30 for 8.00 pm

The music starts at 8 pm please arrive in good time to find seats

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The Johnston BrothersThe Johnston Brothers

The Johnston Brothers, originally from Belfast but now resident in the Lancaster/Morecambe area have become our regular end-of-season guests.

They combine instrumental virtuosity - Gordon's banjo and Laurie's whistle are amazing- with a wide range of songs all presented with a smile and often a joke. They are a wonderfully entertaining duo and always ensure a packed room, so don't be late.

Folk at the Silverdale

Folk at the Silverdale is a once-a-month event in Silverdale, Lancs, where you can hear good live music and an occasional reading. Each month we have guest performers, who are supported by the resident band - The Limestone Pavement Artists - and floor singers from the audience. 

We are now looking forward to our 18th season. The evenings are divided into three 'halves' with the guests finishing each section, with a break between each to keep the Landlord happy and throats well lubricated for joining in the choruses.. Audiences come from a wide area, and, though most are fairly local, we attract people from Kendal, North Yorkshire, even Barrow-in-Furness.

Entry is £5 per person to cover guest expenses and you will find us in the lounge - on your right as you enter the hotel. There is a bar that is open before the start and in the breaks between the three 'halves' of the evening. Come early to get a seat. Cheers!