Malc and Lynne Gibbons

Malc Gibbons

Malc is a singer/songmaker who has spent 37 years performing with the folk band STRAWHEAD until they hung up their boots in 2012. He began to write stuff in 2004.

The songs have been described as 'quirky' and 'enigmatic'. With his love of Cornwall, the sea, Northern England and the living land, he makes sound-stories and little anthems.

Some help on the many choruses would be appreciated !

Lynne Gibbons

This evening, he will be joined by Lynne, who carefully and thoughtfully performs old and new songs with subjects as diverse as pigs, liquorice and nasty-goings-on.

She also acts as advisor, explainer and bringer of Malc back to earth if he should (and he will) occasionally wander off-topic. He will also act as her band and tour management consultant.