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ICUFR Conference Computer Sessions

Saturday, September 30, 2000 by Doug Grierson

 The Conference on Saturday, a wonderful sunny day, commenced with  Registration  at the University College London.  Around 40 were present for the lectures and presentations in the Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre at the UCL following the opening welcome by our ICUFR Chairman Roger Siddle.

The sessions:
Jeff Goodley
- The Mobile Revolution, Mobile communications, voice - E-mail and text messaging on the move.

    Jeff Goodley  PP of Holbeach Rotary Club  Lincolnshire, gave an excellent informative presentation highlighted with screen displays. He explained the future of mobile communications and  access to the internet.  'Star Trek'  type phones would appear to be not that far away.  Some practical demonstrations of current usage were carried out by sending SMS messages and Emails via PDA and infra red phone connections.  Doug Grierson acted as 'stooge' to send messages via IR on a Psion Revo Plus PDA and WAP  phone  to Jeff's WAP phone.  


Steve Mecca
 -  Opportunities and Problems Associated with Use of the Internet by Service Organizations

    Steve is DICO of D7950, Web address  and President of  the Rotary Club of Jamestown, Rhode Island   Web address
     Steve presented the advantages and the problems of using Email  and  Webpages to communicate information.   He highlighted many disadvantages where Rotarians were not using the internet to communicate, time and cost were prime.  One advantage of using the internet was shown by advertising  a bike race on the web which now produces 45% of the entrants from that means. Another was the potential saving of $50,000 pa by using the interent rather than using  'snailmail' to send 3000 Rotarians a weekly newsletter.

Bob Dunkley -
The role of IT Task Force Co-ordinator

  Bob is IT Task Force Co-ordinator for RI Zone 17 and webmaster for  D1040     Bob gave a presentation of  the work he has to carry out as IT Task Force Co-ordinator using  PDF files available from: RI President Frank Devlyn's site   He made available printouts  of the files he used.  Despite a few glitches with the podium equipment (it had to happen to an  IT Task Force Co-ordinator), he was able to complete an informative presentation.
  Roger Serpell -
Club Web Site, Why Bother? A guide to good web-page design.

    Roger is  PP and IT officer of  the Rotary Club  of Kew Gardens D 1140, web page  gave a practical presentation of setting up a club web page.    The emphasis of keeping a style, without huge graphics slowing things down and midi files constantly playing which turn people away.  Roger's practical approach was quite  refreshing and  enthusiastic and he also had a diskette available of a practical Rotary Club website for a small donation for  Rotary  Charity. Almost all present took advatage of this

Lunch Break:

Frank Knowles -
Internet Service Providers & Hosting your Web Site

 Frank is CICO of The Rotary Club of High Wycombe  He is also Director of his own ISP company  Magic Carpet.   His  presentation covered ISP's, how to choose one, whether or not to use a so called 'Free Service' and where to host the Club's website. The latter involved registering a unique club  web address and then where it should be hosted.

6. |Doug Grierson -   Using Adobe Photoshop to restore and enhance old Photographs

    Doug, PP of The Rotary Club of Gravesend & Meopham D1120, unfortunately had a problem connecting a Mac Powerbook to the University Podium equipment. This was to be used to display and demonstrate some  restoration techniques.  However Doug  brought a large number of examples of completed work to  explain  what  could be done.  There was great interest shown by the many questions.  

  Grahame Leon Smith
 - Introducing Rotarians-Online and Free Computers for Schools

    Grahame is PP of Yiewsley & West Drayton Rotary Club D1090 and now member of The Rotary Club of Egham D1140.  He gave a presentation of  "Free Computers for Education' a charity which he established in 1997. The charity collects and reburbishes unwanted PC's from industry. These are donated with local Rotary Club help to needy schools. In 1999 over 1000 were collected and 50% went to schools in  third world countries.
    Grahame also presented  'Rotarians-Online' a project set up  this year to get all 1.2 million Rotarians on line with free' Rotary' Email addresses.  ( details )

     The sessions were finished with speakers from the floor offering advice, suggestions and experiences of using IT for the betterment of Rotary Communications.

    All the speakers were of high standard and  the quality of the presentations improves with each year.  Powerpoint was used extensively by the speakers and the sessions were well attended and all informative.  Thanks goes out to all who took part to make it a success.



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