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Shortcuts Using the Windows Key

You can happily operate a Windows PC without ever touching the special Windows key on Microsoft and other keyboards. However it provides many useful shortcuts that are worth knowing and if your mouse fails it can be a life saver.

On all versions of Windows simply press (and release) the Windows key to bring up the Start menu. Use the Arrow keys to make your choice then press Enter. The 'Esc' key will close the menu if you change your mind.


For the rest of these short-cuts, hold down the Windows key and press the key shown.

To do thisShortcutWin 7VistaXP
Launch Windows Explorer E Yes Yes Yes
Launch 'Run' window R Yes Yes Yes
Launch 'Search' window F Yes Yes Yes
Cycle through windows Tab Yes Yes No
Lock Screen L Yes Yes Yes
Ease of Use U Yes Yes Yes
Output to Projector P Yes No No
Cycle through Taskbar Items T Yes Yes No
Minimise all windows M Yes Yes Yes
Show / Hide Desktop D Yes Yes Yes
Scroll Current window Up Up No Yes Yes
Scroll Current window Down Down No Yes Yes
Scroll Current window Left Left No Yes Yes
Scroll Current window Right Right No Yes Yes
Launch Magnifier Equals key ( = ) Yes No No
Increase Magnification Plus key ( + ) Yes No No
Decrease Magnification Minus key ( - ) Yes No No
Close Magnifier Esc Yes No No

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